4 Reasons Investment Planning Is a Critical Aspect of Wealth Management

26 September 2022
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An investment plan is important for a number of reasons. It helps an investor determine how much money to save, when to save it and what to do with it. An investment plan also provides guidance on what asset classes or specific investments to purchase. A well-crafted investment plan takes into account an investor's goals, risk tolerance and time horizon. By doing so, it can help keep an investor on track to reach their financial goals. Read More 

Want To Carry Out Successful Legacy Planning? See How You Should Approach It

13 May 2022
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Many people want to accumulate wealth and pass it through generations. And although it's a great idea, it has complexities that need careful handling. Transferring wealth to the other generation can trigger a wide range of reactions, but it's the best thing anyone could do. But for you to do it more effectively, you need to prioritize financial legacy planning. Usually, legacy planning, also known as estate planning, involves ensuring the next generation is financially stable or secure. Read More 

Why It’s Smart To Hire An Investment Advisor Even If You Aren’t Wealthy

8 March 2022
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Making investment decisions isn't an easy task, whether short-term or long-term. Before settling on an option, you'll need to conduct a lot of research to find the best one. If you're always busy and have little time to spare, this can be a time-consuming task. Fortunately, your decision-making process can be made easier if you hire an investment advisor to handle everything for you. Keep reading to find out why working with these professionals is wise. Read More